Madison law firm’s name used in phone scam

Police call scammers from law firm they claim to be calling from
Madison law firm’s name used in phone scam

The name of a Madison law firm was used by phone scammers trying to scare people into wiring them money, according to a release from Madison police.

The president of Wilson Law Group at 7633 Ganser Way told police the firm received five calls in 45 minutes on May 13 from concerned people who said the firm was after them for unpaid debts. The callers were from St. Louis, Philadelphia, Chesnee, South Carolina and Hermosa Beach, California.

All the callers said they were told they would be jailed if they didn’t wire money right away. At least one was told she was behind in payments for an online loan she never took out.

An officer, using a Wilson Law Group phone, called one of the numbers being used by the scammers. A woman with a strong accent and calling herself Jennifer Smith answered and identified herself as a Wilson Law Group employee.

The officer told her the police department was actually at her law firm, and wondered where she was at the moment. Smith told the officer she was in the bathroom, despite the sounds of a busy call center in the background. She refused to say where she was or who she was working for.

She told the officer that her company’s protocol was to only use the name of a legitimate business, like Wilson Law Group, for one week.

One of the numbers used by the scammers is 314-222-9684.