Madison is falling for mochi

Several restaurants feature on menus
Madison is falling for mochi

Whether it’s Drumsticks or Klondike bars, we’ve always loved our ice cream wrapped in something usually sweet and chocolatey. So it’s hardly surprising that we’re also falling hard for Japan’s spin on the concept: mochi, flavored ice cream encased in a bite-sized shell of pounded sticky rice.

Several of Madison’s Japanese restaurants feature mochi on their dessert menus. You’ll find it at sushi places Koi Sushi and Edo Japanese Restaurant and ramen joints like Umami Ramen and Dumpling Bar and Ramen Station, typically in classic/delicious flavors like green tea, mango and strawberry.

But you’ll also increasingly find it in the grocery aisle, in places as diverse as Whole Foods and Woodman’s Market. Our advice is simple: Just find it somewhere and start enjoying.