Madison high school football players get senior game thanks to club team

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison West Club team is a combination of players from all four Madison high schools, and it’s the only way they could play this year since the school district cancelled their season.

The Madison West coaches who stepped up to create the team have since been let go from their jobs with with Madison Metropolitan School District because of a rule limiting contact with players during the off season.

But they succeeded in giving the athletes a chance to play the last football game many of them will ever play.

“This is what we’ve been waiting on for years, for our last senior year, to go all out with the guys. So it’s kind of heartbreaking yea,” said Tyshawn Mitchell, a senior at Madison West High School. “Definitely not what I pictured at all, but thankful for the opportunity.”

Friday night, the team was able to have its senior game, even though it wasn’t the way any of the players imagined it would go.

“I didn’t think I’d be playing for this team. I didn’t think I’d be playing against Milton, we never play against them. Definitely did not think I’d be riding in a party bus,” said Jaydon Bott, a senior at Memorial High School.

Parents came together to get the party bus to bring the seniors to the game in Milton. The uniforms and gear were donated by the Army National Guard.

“This is so big, I didn’t want to let them down,” said Steve Meyer, who helped organize the bus. “A community raises a child, right? And we’re going to show the rest of America how a community raises our kids.”

Even though many of the players used to be rivals, they’ve teamed up and become what some think of as an All-Star team.

“All of us are probably the best out of the Big 8 high schools and we’re all on the same team so we’re definitely a powerhouse,” said Christopher Kilgour, a senior at Madison East. “We’ve all come together as a family, we’ve been playing each other for so long, now we get to play as one.”

Without the Madison West Club team, these players wouldn’t have been able to have a final season at all.

“I’m so grateful to Coach Murphy and all of our staff. They really saved us this year and if I didn’t have a football season this year, I don’t know what I would’ve done,” said Bott.

Madison West Club beat Milton 28-6.