Madison Fitness Week tries to make the gym more accessible

Madison Fitness Week tries to make the gym more accessible
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A weeklong event is opening doors at gyms and fitness studios in Madison in an attempt to raise funds for charity and make fitness more accessible for everybody.

The first-ever Madison Fitness Week is running through Sunday. Participants can make a $15 donation in order to gain access to classes and facilities at more than 20 different Madison gyms and fitness boutiques.

Funds raised from the event will go toward the United Way.

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According to organizers, the event was inspired as an opportunity to not only help those in need, but also help people get into fitness.

“That’s the idea, to get people in to see what you would be spending your money on or what the classes are like; to let that wall down of that scary ‘walking into the gym for the first time’ feeling, and making people feel comfortable and welcome,” said Madison Fitness Week founder Kellian Kiron.

According to Kiron, more than 350 people have signed up for the event and donations are exceeding expectations.

Madison Fitness Week will conclude with a boot-camp-style class at Breese Stevens Field on Sunday morning.