Madison fitness trainer creates giant cookie business: ‘You can make anything fit into your lifestyle’

Annie Hermanson's Como Cookie Company sells half-pound treats

MADISON, Wis.– There’s a saying, ‘Balance is a cookie in each hand.’ And that’s the backbone of Annie Hermanson’s business.

Hermanson is a personal trainer at HQ gym in Madison who also loves baking.

“When I start with a new client and they hear I own a cookie company, they’re like, ‘You’re messing with me, right?'” Hermanson said, with a laugh. “But you can totally make anything fit into your lifestyle.”

For the past year, she’s been busy creating a lifestyle that allows her to do both: training clients by day and filling bakery orders by night. Hermanson started the Como Cookie Company in spring 2020.

These aren’t your average cookies: each weighs about half a pound, packed with flavor and (sometimes) other cookies, too.

“I go to the grocery store and wander up-and-down the aisles and just piece ingredients together in my brain,” Hermanson said.

“I get a lot of weird looks because I’ll be in one aisle, and then a few minutes, I’m back!” she joked.

Hermanson rarely makes the same flavor twice, but recent combinations include the ‘Parent Trap’ (cookie dough with a peanut butter Oreo inside) and ‘Fall-mond Spice’ (a brown sugar cookie filled with pumpkin spice wafers and white chocolate chips.)

Like her cookies, Hermanson has big plans for Como’s future… and her own.

“It’s always been my dream since I was very little to own my own bakery,” she said.

Next month, she’ll get one step closer. Hermanson is moving into a bigger space inside Feed Kitchens this November, where she’ll be able to offer brand new flavors every two weeks.

“It’s kind of like blending the two big loves Madison has,” she said. “Novelty food and fitness.”

Interested in trying Hermanson’s cookies? Customers can order from the Como Cookie Company’s website or Instagram page.

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