Madison fire officials lay out Ebola response plan

MFD partners with CDC, emergency management, local hospitals, 911 Center
Madison fire officials lay out Ebola response plan

Officials with the Madison Fire Department said Thursday they are working to ensure they have a safe and effective Ebola virus response plan in place.

Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis said in a blog post Thursday the department is actively working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dane County Emergency Management, local hospitals and the 911 Center.

“We recognize the significance of our role in safely transporting possibly infected patients to local hospitals while protecting our community from the spread of the Ebola virus,” Davis said in the release.

The Ebola response process starts with the 911 Center, according to the post. If a 911 caller complains of any symptoms similar to those of an Ebola virus infection, the 911 dispatcher will ask follow-up questions regarding travel locations and contact with any persons who have traveled. The questions are based on the most current CDC recommendations for location and time of travel.

If the caller answers yes to the travel and contact questions, the 911 Center will notify responding units, officials said.

Once 911 responders have been notified, they will put on personal protective equipment, put a mask on the patient and prepare the patient for transport to a local hospital, according to the release. Crews will then notify the emergency department at the hospital to prepare for isolation and containment measures.

Madison Fire Department officials and its local partners are meeting weekly to ensure the Ebola response process is coordinated with the most current CDC recommendations, officials said. Fire crews are also participating in local Ebola response drills to test the Ebola response process.