Madison eatery was named as one of the best cocktail bars

World Champion Bartender picked Merchant
Madison eatery was named as one of the best cocktail bars
Cocktail from Merchant

Kate Gerwin, a well-known restaurateur and mixologist, selected Merchant as one of the best cocktail bars in the United States in a USA Today article.

Gerwin, who was the first woman and first American to win the Bols Around the World Bartending Championship in 2014, has many accomplishments in the bartending industry. She works as a consultant for small market bar programs.

USA Today decided to reach out to Gerwin to ask about her 10 favorite drink spots and Merchant was on the list.

“I love bars that become local institutions. When a ‘cocktail’ bar finally opens in a smaller market, it becomes the hub for budding bartenders to learn. Then those people go off and open their own bars and restaurants, spreading the ‘bug’ and changing the way the community drinks. Merchant, a casual farm-to-table restaurant with a serious craft cocktail scene, is one of those bars,” Gerwin says.

Merchant, which won gold for Best Bar for Cocktail in Madison in 2019, has an expansive cocktail menu featuring traditional cocktails and innovative creations. Merchant also releases special seasonal cocktail menus that the bartenders create on a seasonal basis. The restaurant offers more than 50 classic cocktails year round.