Madison eateries going beyond brunch for Mother’s Day

Specialty menus, snack boxes and more, just for mom.
Pink and yellow macarons in a white box
Photo courtesy of Elsy Butler.
Fleur de Lis Macarons.

Brunch is almost an essential way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but like most events this year, in-person dining looks a little different right now. If you’re looking to treat your mother at home instead with locally produced goodies — think baked goods and snack boxes — here are a few vendors offering specialty items for Mother’s Day. Brunch fans, don’t dismay: we understand you might not want to diverge from the classic sit-down tradition, so we’ve also included a quick list of spots focused solely on brunch food.

Christine’s Kitchens
Gift boxes filled with local treats are available through Christine’s Kitchens, with something offered for everybody and their mother. The “Pamper Her” box includes wine glasses from Halo Vino, Basil Sage Mint Soap and a wood wick candle from Little Bull Falls Soap Works, among other items. Make brunch at home with the “Morning Madness” box, which includes Mudd Creek pancake, waffle and gluten-free cinnamon streusel coffee cake mix, as well as a variety of sides like maple cream and Madame Chu’s pineapple tartlets. “Snack Box” and “Mother’s Day Love” are available for order as well, each specially curated and ready for shipping, but be sure to check online for deadlines. 2817 E. Washington Ave., Madison. 608-205-8794,

Fleur de Lis Macarons
If a few bites of something sweet is all you need to finish off brunch, Fleur de Lis Macarons has a list of exclusive flavors available just for Mother’s Day. Elsy Butler, owner of Fleur de Macarons, is preparing Piña Colada, Orange Mimosa and Raspberry Rose options of the gluten-free, French meringue-based confections, available for preorder until May 1. She also offers delivery at no extra cost. Order half dozen or full dozen portions in mix-and-match style with a few of each flavor. Email to place an order. Prairie du Sac, 608-381-2757

Bloom Bake Shop

Close-up shot of a frosted hummingbird cake

Photo courtesy of Bloom Bake Shop

Bloom Bake Shop has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, and Mother’s Day offers the perfect excuse. Pies and seasonal fruit tarts bring spring flavors to the table. Pastry boxes including Danishes, cinnamon rolls, and muffins are available for a morning bakery fix. If an indulgent slice of cake is more mom’s style, Bloom Bake Shop has lemon curd, almond raspberry rose or chocolate ganache cream cheese layer cakes available for pick up. Hummingbird cake — a banana pineapple spice cake slathered with cream cheese frosting and topped with a toasted pecan garnish — is another featured item. Cakes come in a variety of sizes, serving between two and 22 people depending on what you choose. 1851 Monroe St., Madison. 608-509-7669,

CocoVaa Chocolatier
Chocolate boxes, cookie kits and caramel cows and hedgehogs are just a few of the luscious confections CocoVaa has lined up for Mother’s Day. Syovata Edari, the award-winning chocolatier behind CocoVaa, has a special delicacy in store for moms who don’t often indulge or treat themselves — a 5.5-inch “supersized” turtle bonbon. Inspired by the favorite tastes of her own mother and grandmother, Edari crafts each bonbon from 70% dark single origin Peruvian chocolate, her award-winning caramel and caramelized pecans from Nutkrack. Though big enough to share, let mom have this one for herself. 1815 E. Washington Ave., Madison. 888-803-6122,

Pasture and Plenty

Two tea cakes in a box surrounded by flower petals.

Photo courtesy of Emma Waldinger / Pasture and Plenty.

Alongside the usual baked goods over at Pasture and Plenty, owner Christy McKenzie is putting together a list of specialty Mother’s Day items for pre-order. “Brunch boards” made up of local cheeses, crackers, fruit and croissants are a great way to feed the hungry morning crowd, but if you’re looking for a delicate and timeless treat for just mom, McKenzie also has tea cakes available. Choose between two flavors — chocolate rose and lemon lavender — or purchase a bundle that includes one of each. And if you’re looking for something to share, the 5-inch fruit tart filled with vanilla pastry cream and fresh berries is the perfect size for two. 2433 University Ave., Madison. 608-665-3770,

Classic Brunch Options in Madison
If brunch is more mom’s style, Madison offers plenty of eateries where you can place a reservation or grab something to go. Here are a few spots to check out for a more traditional Mother’s Day brunch.

Quivey’s Grove
Brunch at Quivey’s Grove offers freshly baked blueberry muffins, dried cherry fritters and cinnamon rolls. Heartier options include a beef and mushroom popover with rice and asparagus, or an Applewood smoked pork chop with maple mustard sauce. 6261 Nesbitt Road, Fitchburg. 608-273-4900,

Hubbard Avenue Diner
A great place to sit down for eggs, pancakes and the works, Hubbard Avenue Diner is also offering a Mother’s Day pre-order menu for pick up. Place an order for take-and-bake cinnamon rolls, corned beef hash and scrambled eggs, or a strawberries and cream biscuits kit. 7445 Hubbard Ave., Middleton. 608-831-6800,

Short Stack Eatery
Banana bread loaves, take-and-bake lemon poppyseed scones and whole veggie or meat quiches are among Short Stack Eatery’s pre-order options for Mother’s Day. Check out their long list of cocktail and mocktail kits, mimosas and Bloody Marys included.  301 W. Johnson St., Madison. 608-709-5569,

Bassett Street Brunch Club
Aptly named for its wide array of breakfast and lunch fixings, Bassett Street Brunch Club is a must-try weekend morning destination. Whether it’s donuts, breakfast burritos, eggs Benedict or lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. 444 W. Johnson St., Madison. 608-467-5051,

Cafe Hollander
Another brunch spot that needs no introduction, Cafe Hollander’s Hilldale location will be serving up exclusive menu items like caprese omelettes and lemon berry french toast on Sunday, May 9. Mom also gets a free “Mom’osa” at any of the eight Lowland Group restaurant locations. 701 Hilldale Way, Madison. 608-237-3168,

Hannah Twietmeyer is a contributor for Madison Magazine.

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