Madison, Dane County produce respectable budgets, processes

Madison, Dane County produce respectable budgets, processes

In the last 48 hours the city of Madison and Dane County budgets for 2015 were put to bed.

Approved isn’t really the right word in the city’s case, and there were robust debates of both budgets by the Madison City Council and Dane County Boards respectively.

In the city’s case the council and Madison Mayor Paul Soglin essentially agreed to disagree. One gets the sense that the disagreement will play out in greater detail and with the citizens’ opportunity to weigh in during the mayor election campaigns that will ramp up in the coming months. And we have always argued that robust, informed and responsible debate of municipal budgets is a good thing.

But in the end, principled differences of opinion aside, we are satisfied with the budgets and with the process and review they received.

Compared to the U.S. Congress for example, and countless other examples of dysfunctional governance, Madison and Dane County, for the most part, respected the needs of citizens and maintained the dignity of their elected leaders. No easy task.