Madison couple running in Monday’s Boston Marathon

Couple joins 36,000 runners in Monday's event
Madison couple running in Monday’s Boston Marathon

If the most important part of running is putting your best foot forward, then moving forward might be the next best thing.

Running has been the foundation for former U-W Madison athlete Lindsey Kong and her finance Gabe Stanek’s relationship.

“It’s kind of how we met, we started talking about running at a Rose Bowl. That kind of hit it off for us that we both enjoyed running,” said Kong.

The couple qualified for last year’s Boston marathon but were waitlisted due to space. While Stanek says the couple  doesn’t  like to think about what would’ve happened if they had participated in last year’s race, the thought of the possibility has crossed his mind.

“If we were running it where would we have come in? Would we have been there when the bombs went off…so you feel lucky and blessed to not have had to be there for that situation,” said Stanek.

Lindsay and Gabe have spent the year running up to sixty-five miles a week in preparation for the 118th Boston marathon.

However, in light of last year’s events Kong says their training has taken on  new meaning.

“After last year, we made it more about just an honor to be there.. running for those who were injured or killed last year or the volunteers that jumped right in.

It’s cool just to be along so many great stories.”

Stories at this year’s Boston marathon are sure to bring emotions and create a bond for all 36 thousand runners.

As for the couple, crossing the finish line Monday will just be the first chapter in their race to the altar.

” We are getting married in august! 2014 is filled with exciting things…the Boston marathon and planning a wedding,” said Kong.