Madison Common Council passes 2022 city budget after nights of debate

MADISON, Wis. — Madison’s Common Council has finally come to an agreement on the 2022 city budget after three nights of debate.

The council approved a $354,244,062 capital budget and a $360,321,028 operating budget.

Part of the funding will come from a 1.2% increase in the city’s levy tax which means the average homeowner’s taxes will go up by around $51.

In a statement released Thursday night, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said the levy increase was “the lowest in twenty years.”

The statement said the 15-year average levy increase is around 4%.

The budget will help pay for things like the future Bus Rapid Transit project, affordable housing programs and an ambulance at Fire Station 14.

Madison’s Common Council rejected a proposal Wednesday night that would have required city staff to evaluate alternate stops for the city’s Bus Rapid Transit project.

The amendment — which called for a report on the impacts of moving two proposed BRT stops from State Street to the 300 block of West Johnson and West Gorham streets — failed to get the 11 votes needed to pass Wednesday, with a final vote of 10 in favor and nine against.

Rhodes-Conway thanked President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan for some of the budget’s funding.