Madison College students spread love through poetry

Bad Love Poems
Poems from the Yahara Journal

MADISON, Wis. — Students at Madison College are celebrating Valentine’s Day with their annual Bad Love Poem contest.

The Yahara Journal is continuing the contest virtually this year. Individual’s are able to send their poems  anonymously to a word document.

According to Hailey Griffin, Yahara Journal editor-in-chief, the goal of the contest is to have fun and share experiences with love, whether good or bad.

“The point of the Bad Love Poem contest is to have a laugh, embrace super sappy or maybe even borderline embarrassing love poems,” Griffin said.

Poems range from all kinds of emotions. Some are serious, while others are humorous and light hearted.

A poem from last year reads, “You are my sunshine. Bright. Warm. Mildly radioactive. I’m wearing sunblock today.”

This years poem entries will be displayed on the Yahara Journal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.