Madison Children’s Museum holding Family Happy Hour

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Children’s Museum is hosting a spin on Friday night fun. They are calling the event “Family Happy Hour,” and it’s taking place this Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

With the museum closing down last year due to COVID-19, vice president of education and community engagement Kia Karlen is launching an outdoor event to give parents and their children a chance to socialize again.

“What we have seen at the museum since we have opened last fall year is that kids missed out on a lot of socializing opportunities during COVID and get(ting) back out there and relearning how to meet new people and make friends,” Karlen said.

The reason for this event? To bring back events where families can interact with each other again in a COVID-friendly area.

“We know a lot of families are still seeking out outdoor parties and events during COVID and it’s just been a really wonderful space… there will be lots of fun activities for the kids, grown-ups can come with their kids and socialize, we will have grown-up and child beverages and treats available,” Karlen said.

Along with the museum, many children’s play areas closed down due to COVID, and schools were also shut down for in-person learning during this time, leaving many children only able to socialize with their families.

The “Wonderground” is an outdoor play area made for kids to climb, explore and discover all things outdoors and is currently under construction.

“We are adding another third high platform for kids to climb up to, more slides and bridges, lots of fun, most of that construction will happen during the month of September, and we will be having that ready to roll by the beginning of October,” Karlen said.

The hope of this area is not only for the Family Happy Hour event but also for a more COVID-friendly play area.

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online on the Madison Children’s Museum’s website.

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