Madison Children’s Museum brings back ‘SummerPalooza’ after pandemic changed activities in recent years

MADISON, Wisc. – The Madison Children’s Museum brought back its annual summer festival, SummerPalooza, to Capitol Square on Saturday.

“It’s the first time in years that we are able to host this again,” said Deb Gilpin, the President and CEO of Madison Children’s Museum. “We are so thrilled.”

The event included a parade, live entertainment, free museum admission and multiple activities for the whole family on the streets outside of the museum.

“We had people come from all around the state come to the museum and see downtown Madison,” said Gilpin.

“It’s so joyful to bring families back together again,” said Gilpin. “You can see the diversity of our population, you can see people learning to get along again, and we’re a place where that happens every day.”

Those who participated in the event said they felt the same joy that Gilpin felt. One of the performers was Jacob Mills with the Wild Rumpus Circus.

“Every 15 feet we got a new audience,” said Mills. “We can just keep rolling and make the kids laugh.”

Tom Ross performed in the parade with the Handphibians, a group of percussionists from Madison. The group has been performing in the parade for years, but was forced to take a few years off because of the pandemic.

“When we were finally able to come back after the pandemic, it was with a lot of passion,” said Ross. “Everybody seemed to be re-energized.”

Gilpin says this event is just one of many opportunities at the Madison Children’s Museum. More information on upcoming events with the Madison Children’s Museum is available on its website.