Madison Children’s Museum asks for donations

Directors: without more money, museum unable to meet community needs
Madison Children’s Museum asks for donations

Madison Children’s Museum is warning parents this week that without support, it will no longer be able to meet the needs of the community.

Directors said in a letter to families it is “extremely concerned” for its future, citing an ability to adequately address repairs because of $2.3 million in construction debt.

“We felt that people needed to know the reality of it, that it is a choice every day, what we spent our resources on,” said executive director Debbie Gilpin.

Gilpin pointed to roofing issues and a need to resurface floors, both projects the museum can’t set money aside for because of its construction loan. Expanding new exhibits is another hurdle, she said.

“We want to do more, and that’s something we can’t do without more funds,” Gilpin said.

Now, the museum is asking for help from the community to pay off its debt and save on another four years of accruing hundreds of thousands in interest – more than $600,000, according to Gilpin.

“We have to stabilize,” she said. “We have to stabilize the situation so we can move forward.”

Through the Keystone Campaign, a project launched to help further this goal, the museum raised $1.3 million but is looking for another $1 million before the end of the year.

Despite the strongly-worded letter, Gilpin says the museum is still operating at 98 percent functionality.

The deadline to donate is Dec. 31. You can do so at .