Madison businessman provides KN95 mask to Wisconsin law enforcement

Kalluri with law enforcement officials

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — A Madison businessman donated 16,000 KN95 face masks Thursday to protect law enforcement officials throughout Wisconsin from COVID-19.

The Founder and CEO of technology startup Zerology Shree Kalluri said he was already on the lookout for ways to protect his employees when he became intimately aware of the significant shortage of masks particularly affecting law enforcement agencies.

Kalluri said he felt this shortage was dangerous and that he as an entrepreneur was in a unique position to help.

“This is the need of the hour and our system is not able to cope with it. Not because of lack of interest–I’m sure–not because of lack of funding,” he said. “Because of the protocols and bureaucracies that normally exist it is hard for the governments and public entities to move as fast as an entrepreneur can move.”

With the help of his colleagues Kalluri said he was able to utilize a global network of entrepreneurs to secure a supply of KN95 masks.

After overcoming the challenge of shipping the masks Kalluri had them delivered to the Sun Prairie Police Department where law enforcement representatives from throughout the state were able to pick them up.

“They have so much appreciation for what we are doing and particularly the timeliness of it,” he said. “In a matter of three hours everything was done so that tells you how big the need is.”

According to Kalluri the KN95s donated are enough to provide every single law enforcement official in the state with face masks.

“I always believe that if you have the smarts to figure out a solution you have a moral obligation to try to do something about it,” he said. “Fortunately I am in a position where I could afford to do this and I truly believe it’s about living well by doing good.”

Earlier this month the FDA added KN95 face masks to it’s list of authorized respirators.