Madison Boston Marathon runner: ‘Consequences have to be given’

Madison Boston Marathon runner: ‘Consequences have to be given’

The owner of Berkley Running Company said hearing the Boston Marathon bombing trial’s guilty verdict brings back mixed feelings about the moments after he crossed the finish line, which was 90 minutes before the explosion that hurt hundreds back in 2013.

“You play these moments of ‘What if? What if?'” David Meixelsperger said. “I think it changes your life forever. The way you look at crowds. Even when you were at the Final Four a few nights ago, you look at all the different possibilities. And you just wonder in the moment if it may resurface.”

After returning to his hotel room near the finish line, Meixelsperger got distracted texting. He had planned to immediately return to the finish line and cheer on some of the other 27,000 runners.

“Because it was a beautiful, beautiful day. It was a great temperature to run. It was one of those days where you told yourself ‘after I finished the race I’d like to come back to the finish line and watch all those people,'” Meixelsperger said. “I was in my hotel room and I heard a loud boom sound, like a dumpster dropping from a huge garbage truck. And then a few moments later we had the words across the television set saying what had happened at the finish line. And then we started to hear the helicopters.”

After Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted of killing three people, and hurting more than 250 others, Meixelsperger said he should be punished. He’s just not sure if that should include the death penalty.

“I think it’s one of those steps that’s going to take place. We’re fortunate to live in the United States, that we have a special process in place that can be followed,” Meixelsperger said. “Unfortunately he was a very young man that did this. So that part you feel bad towards, but consequences have to be given for something so evil.”

Meixelsperger said the guilty verdict is another step for him to close that chapter of his life. That closure also included being one of the 32,004 who finished the special tribute Boston Marathon last year. On Wednesday, he will leave to run his 12th Boston Marathon.