Madison Bikes organization hosts winter fashion show, hoping for progress with paths

Bike enthusiasts in Madison are hopeful that the upcoming winter won’t stop them from hitting the trails each day.

On Saturday, Madison Bikes held a winter bike fashion show at High Noon Saloon. For Robbie Webber, the event is an opportunity for those who don’t bike during the winter to see what it’s like.

“It’s really more than a fashion show,” Webber said. “It’s not high tech gear, it’s what people wear every day; they bring their own clothes and volunteer to model.”

Webber said Madison is generally considered a bike-friendly city, but during the winter, trails are not cleared on the weekends.

“People go by bike to work, to shopping, to see their friends on the weekends as well,” she said. “We would like for the paths to be cleared on Saturday and Sunday so that people who work on the weekends or have somewhere to go can get there.”

Webber said the city budget for next year would change that, with paths being cleared seven days a week, the same as city streets.

Still, it’s not a done deal yet, as the budget is still awaiting approval later this month.

“Bicycling is a perfectly legitimate transportation option and it should be available all year,” Webber said.

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