Madison-based film company makes movie surrounding challenges of 2020

MADISON, Wis,– Sometimes 2020 feels like it was written for the big screen instead of real life. A Madison-based film company is making that movie, from start to finish, right here at home.

Writer and Director Alex Miranda didn’t have to look very far to find a muse for his latest project.

“I was actually sitting in my living room, looking out the window, and it just kind of hit me,” Miranda said.

Trace the Line is a film that mirrors challenges of 2020. The two main characters, a Black man and a white woman explore purpose and privilege.

“It kind of combines and blurs the line between reality and fiction,” Miranda said.

Alex Miranda and Noel Miranda are founders of Bravebird, a Madison-based film company with a mission to transform the way diversity is depicted on screen.

“Trace the Line in many ways is born out of necessity, like creativity comes out of hard times often for artists,” Noel Miranda said.

While following strict COVID-19 measures, the film crew wrapped on shooting in about three weeks, mostly at locations many Madison residents would recognize.

Alex Miranda said his intention is for viewers to draw their own perspectives of the film.

“It’s not a prescriptive film, like Noel was saying,” Miranda said. “It doesn’t give any answers, but it probes the right questions.”

He hopes it starts a conversation.

“I’m trying to introduce a little more humility,” Miranda said. “How do we move forward together?”

Bravebird’s goal is to submit the film in the upcoming Festival de Cannes, an international film festival. To do that, they need help from the community through donations and support on social media to get the movie through post-production. Learn more here.