Madison Ballet ends season early due to lack of donations

Madison Ballet ends season early due to lack of donations

The Madison Ballet ended its spring season early on Saturday due to funding issues caused by a lack of donations.

The ballet hopes to get its finances back on track in time for its next season.

Rachelle Butler, a longtime dancer with the company, said the season’s abrupt end is bittersweet for her. She said she and the other dancers are extremely tight-knit.

“We have a really good group of people and it’s gonna be hard to see them all go,” Butler said.

Butler said the financial issues have been hard on the ballet group.

“When people ask for donations, even myself, you just like ‘Oh yeah I’ll donate next time, it’ll be fine’, until you get to the point where now you really need it,” Butler said.

The ballet put on two final shows Saturday at the Bartell Theatre. During practice for the shows, Butler said she wanted everyone to enjoy the finale.
The only thing I want is for everyone to enjoy it,” Butler said. “The audience, the dancers, everybody that’s but their hard work into this.”

On Tuesday, Madison Ballet General Manager Gretchen Bourg told News 3 this year’s closure is being done in order to keep the group going for years to come.

“We’ve been through much worse as an organization,” Bourg said. “I’m proud our board made a difficult decision, but made it at a point where we can recover. There are a lot of arts organizations and dance companies that don’t make it to that point.”

Bourg said the company is considering sharing administrative services and doing artistic collaborations with other Madison arts groups.