Madison-area volunteers head to Florida for storm

Six volunteers expect to be there at least two weeks
Madison-area volunteers head to Florida for storm

A half dozen local Red Cross volunteers are flying south to prepare for disaster relief.

This team is focusing solely on shelter for the tens of thousands who could be evacuated, because of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Kathi Collins from Madison said what the volunteers do, and where they go, will depend on the weather.

“We are at the whim of nature,” said Collins. “We also have to remember when there’s a disaster, there’s a lot elements — there’s state, federal, county, city — lots of constituencies. And we have to kind of blend in with that, and learn how to work together — so it’s a challenge.”

They’ll meet up with hundreds of others, watch the storm’s path, and move in when and where they’re needed.

They’re not sure how long they’ll be there, but they’ve committed to a minimum of two weeks.

Disaster response teams, reacting to the storm, have not yet been deployed.