Madison alternate-side parking begins Saturday

City reminds drivers to follow parking rules
Madison alternate-side parking begins Saturday

Residents should take note that alternate-side parking starts on  Saturday in the city of Madison.

Many residents know the drill, but some are also questioning why they need to move their car from even- or odd-numbered sides of the street with no snow on the ground.

Starting at 1 a.m. Saturday, the rules go into effect, and residents are required to park on the odd-numbered side of the street because the date is an odd number — Nov. 15. On Nov. 16, residents are required to park on the even side.

“The challenge, I think, is you always have to remember what day it is tomorrow when you park your car,” said George Dreckmann from the Madison Streets Department.

Snow or not, the rules are in effect each year from Nov. 15 through March 15. Drivers who don’t follow the rules can face a $20 fine — or a $60 fine if it’s during a snow emergency.

Most of the Madison isthmus isn’t affected by alternative-side parking rules until an actual snow emergency is declared. The city said that area is exempt because of the severe street parking issues that already exist downtown.

For more information about the city’s alternate side parking rules, go to this website.