Madison 2020 Vegan Fest offers curbside pick-up

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison 2020 Vegan Fest took place Saturday with curbside pick-up only.

According to a Facebook post, the event was originally scheduled for August, but was canceled after organizers determined that it could not be held due to COVID-19.

“We thought of a number of different options,” said Emma Cameron, lead organizer for Madison Vegan Fest. “Ultimately [we] decided that, given the popularity of curbside pick-up options for restaurants, it would be simplest to try out an event with a sampling of our usual food court in a curbside pop-up style.”

Officials said customers’ safety throughout their experience at the pop-up is important.

“We’re also limiting our vendors for this event to folks who would normally fill out our food court at a typical fest, and keeping things fairly small,” Cameron said. “This is the first time we’re trying something like this, and we want to be careful to monitor the capacity of our venue.”