Lumoli Co built an of-the-moment business

Molly Green shares her polymer clay earrings through TikTok.
earrings created by Lumoli Co
Photo by Nikki Hansen

Starting a jewelry business wasn’t the plan when Molly Green picked up polymer clay jewelry as a hobby in January 2020 — it was something to do to pass the time while she worked on getting her master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. “I never really set out to start a side hustle or start a jewelry business, but I really just enjoyed the creative process,” Green says.

With the encouragement of family and friends, she decided to launch Lumoli Co, creating one-of-a-kind polymer clay earrings. As someone who always had a flair for art, Green says she gets most of her inspiration from her travels and eccentric handmade markets she’s visited around the world.

Molly Green holding her earrings

Photo by Nikki Hansen

Each pair of earrings is unique and each piece is picked out by Green with care. She starts by rolling out polymer clay, mixing colors, creating patterns and cutting it into shapes she makes herself using cookie cutter wire. From there she bakes all the pieces at 275 degrees for an hour and sands each one, and that’s where even more of her creativity comes in.

“I put everything on a big canvas and rearrange it in different ways, so that’s how I get a lot of different color combinations and that’s how everything is one of a kind,” Green says. The final step is attaching earring posts using resin and then assembling. In total, the process takes about two to three hours.

One of the main ways people discover Lumoli Co is through TikTok. In May, she started doing some basic stop-motion videos and experimenting with the app. Then one of her videos went semi-viral. Overnight she received 30 orders. Now about 90% of orders come from those who found Green on TikTok. With each video, customers can go behind the scenes of Lumoli Co, learn more about Green and see what it’s like being a small business owner.

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Green has earned her master’s degree and started a full-time position since launching Lumoli Co, but she continues to create new earrings and color combinations. For those interested in learning to create earrings on their own, Green says, “It’s a pretty easy process with quite a few intricate details, but in general it’s very accessible — anyone can start doing it.”

Matchy Matchy
Each pair of patchwork earrings comes with studs that match the colors of large earrings anchored by a terracotta-colored base. $28

two sets of earrings with studs

Photo by Nikki Hansen

Total Standout
At 4 inches in length, the Ushuaia 2.0 earrings are a statement. Don’t worry about heaviness, though; polymer clay is incredibly lightweight. $30

long earrings

Photo by Nikki Hansen

Staying Rooted
Green was inspired to make a set of earrings duplicating the circular shape of the lotus root, one of her favorite ingredients. $26

lotus root shaped earrings

Photo by Nikki Hansen

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