Locals Enter Lottery To Win $640 Million Jackpot

Someone from Wisconsin could be a millionaire by 10 p.m. Friday

The jackpot for Mega Millions is now at a record-breaking $640 million. Odds for winning are slim, one in 176 million, but the stakes are high. The winner in Wisconsin would get a lump sum of $311 million after federal and state taxes are deducted.

One hopeful who lined on Friday said she didn’t know about the drawing until she looked on Facebook.

“I’m pretty blessed. I don’t know, I’d probably help out everybody. My family, my friends. I’d build a yoga studio, I think. Maybe that’s what I’d do,” said Bonnie Raimy, of Madison.

If a winning ticket is sold in Wisconsin, the state could see an extra $1.6 million a year in income taxes.

If Friday night’s drawing doesn’t produce a lucky winner, the jackpot will soar to an estimated $975 million dollars for Tuesday’s drawing.

With the lottery winnings, a person could use the money to become a majority 3/4 owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, estimated at about $400 million; rebuild the Kohl Center almost three times; buy more than 1,200 horses in Madison, based on the averaged assessment; or buy almost 20 million cheese pizza’s from Ian’s Pizza in downtown Madison.