Local woman shares warning after credit card theft

Local woman shares warning after credit card theft

A Madison woman’s close call with identity theft is sparking a reminder to others on how to protect their information.

Michelle Zuelke works at the Outlets at the Dells, and on the rare occurrence that she shopped online instead of at her job, she got a call from her credit card company the morning after.

“Someone had spent $6,000 in Spain,” she said.

“I was nauseous. I had no idea how that could’ve possibly happened.”

DATCP has a couple suggestions to keep your credit card and personal information safe. First, always check the URL of the site you’re shopping on for an ‘s’ in the ‘https,’ along with a padlock icon – that means you’re shopping on a secure site that’s encrypting your information.

Also, keep your operating system and anti-virus software up to date.

“You’re going to have the latest and greatest on your machine, which should also give you a sense of comfort,” said Frank Frassetto of Wisconsin’s DATCP.

If you do happen to become a victim of credit card theft, DATCP says call police and your credit card company immediately, then check annualcreditreport.com.

As for Zuelke’s case, her credit card company canceled the transaction. Now, she avoids shopping online as much as she can.

“It’s just too easy nowadays for people to have their livelihood taken away. It could’ve easily happened that way to me,” Zuelke said.