Local teen codes his way toward software development career


MADISON, Wis.– The software development industry could see major growth within the decade, with nearly 300,000 jobs expected to be added in the United States, according to a recent study by Hacker Rank.

Coding is like another language for Ian Santin.

“With programming, you have to narrow down your thinking into a way the computer can understand it,” Santin said.

Santin spends his free time creating desktop and mobile applications through words and symbols. He has already created multiple games, including Super Patrick, which is available for free on the Google Play store.

Right now, Santin is working on GoFractal, an application he’s already spent about 100 hours programming.

“I have this application here that allows you to explore these things called fractals,” Santin said. “It’s a little slow, because it’s very computationally intensive, but if I click the more detail button, you can just keep zooming into this forever.”

As a junior at the Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin, an online school with curriculum based on chosen career paths, Santin spends most of his day either doing classwork or programming.

After graduation, Santin said he plans to get a college degree and pursue coding as a career.

“I’d love to start selling software to people,” Santin said. “I have a few projects already that have gained a lot of traction.”

Those programs are all available on his website for free.