Local restaurants circulate statement asking Gov. Evers to help the industry

francesca hong topping off ramen at Morris Ramen
Francesca Hong of Morris Ramen (Photo by Nikki Hansen)

In Madison, a statement—first posted by Francesca Hong, the chef and owner of Morris Ramen—to Gov. Tony Evers is being shared throughout social media asking for help to the restaurant industry.

In the letter, a group of independent restaurant owners, chefs and farmers in Wisconsin are asking for help from Evers’ administration for the industry as a whole as they are closing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our staff, who is our family, and our businesses are at tremendous personal risk,” the post says. “There are few workers in the state of Wisconsin who are as vulnerable and as valuable as the artists, artisans and creative forces that fuel our businesses.”

The statement asks for the administration to support emergency unemployment benefits to all hourly and salaried workers furloughed; eliminate sales, use and payroll taxes; and call for rent and loan abatement for workers and employers.

“We in the hospitality industry are at a loss when we are not able to serve others,” the statement says. “We are asking you and trusting you, the Governor, to help guide us and take action as soon as possible.”

Other businesses and individuals who have shared the letter include Tory Miller, of L’Etoile, Graze and Estrellón, Molly Maciejewski of Madison Sourdough Co. and Dan Fox of Heritage Tavern.

Many other cities including Indianapolis and Chicago have started similar social media campaigns.

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