Local Red Cross volunteers traveling to Florida

Volunteers to focus on shelter for evacuated residents

Half a dozen local Red Cross volunteers are traveling to Florida to prepare for disaster relief from Tropical Storm Isaac.

The team is focusing solely on shelter for the tens of thousands who could be evacuated because of this storm.

The six volunteers will meet up with hundreds of others, watch the storm’s path and move in when and where they’re needed.

“What they try to do is get Red Cross volunteers ready, as close to the storm as they can, before it hits. So once it does hit, we’re right there on the spot and we can get up and go in right away,” said Gerry Gilmour, of Dodgeville, one of the six local volunteers headed south.


The Red Cross Badger Chapter team members leave Friday. They’re joining forces with 400 others in Tampa who are also solely there for shelter services.

They’re not sure how long they’ll be there, but they’ve committed to a minimum of two weeks.