Local municipalities need to act on behalf of immigrants

Local municipalities need to act on behalf of immigrants

In the face of national immigration policies that are both unjust and un-American, it is incumbent on local municipalities to act on behalf of immigrants eligible for citizenship.

Cities and states with the sense of moral duty and civic conviction must do what they can on their own to ensure the safety and fair access to services of our immigrant neighbors and co-workers.

And thus we support Dane County Executive Joe Parisi’s creation of an Immigration Assistance Fund, and the new position of Immigration Affairs Specialist.

Like the City of Madison’s recently passed “safe place” ordinance, Parisi’s plan is an important and necessary statement of community values. But the county plan also ponies up needed resources to help immigrants navigate available services to gain U.S. citizenship.

We agree with Parisi that we must “ensure every resident of our community has access to the opportunity to succeed.” And we must do so despite federal and state politicians who lack the courage and humanity to do the same.