Local moviegoers react to Colorado theater shooting

Southern Wis. theaters will continue 'Batman' screenings as scheduled

The shooting in an Aurora, Colo. movie theater early Friday morning during a screening of the newest installment of ‘Batman’ has frightened some Madison west-side moviegoers.

“Every year, there are some people dying at the hands of some crazy person with an assault rifle,” said Paul Gibbons, who is moving to Colorado with his family in less than a month.

Gibbons said he doesn’t think Colorado is more dangerous than any other state.

“I don’t think it’s a Colorado thing,” he said. “At least I hope.”

Other movie patrons outside Marcus Point Cinema had not heard about the shooting until Friday afternoon.

“It could happen going down the street, going to the grocery store, or wherever. Wherever it happens, it should not,” said Lone Rock resident Linda Overbeek.

“Our world has changed, and we need to have a little more love in the world, some better rules to oversee what’s going on,” said George Overbeek.

Marcus Theaters operates in in seven states and is not affiliated with the theater in Colorado.

In a statement, the company’s communication manager said safety and security are a concern.

The theater’s showings of “The Dark Knight Rises” will go on as scheduled, he added.

As people across the country pray for the people who lost their lives or were injured in the shooting, many hope the tragedy will bring around change.

“If we don’t get political at times when we are saddened by these tragedies and we don’t begin to do something more, mothers and fathers will be without their children and more children will be without their mothers and fathers,” Gibbons said.

AMC Theaters said its showings will also go on as scheduled.

However, the company said it will not allow anyone dressed in costume into the theater if they make other guests uncomfortable.

Masks and fake weapons are also banned from the theater.

AMC owns theaters in Fitchburg and Wisconsin Dells.