Local meetup group bring dogs and people together

There’s a dog meetup group in Madison that’s open to dogs of all breeds and sizes.
two dogs in water
Photo by Cedar Sioux Photography

Cassidy Miller and her black Lab/beagle rescue, Nox, created Nox’s Madison Dog Park Meetup in 2018 to hang out and make friends with other dogs and their owners.

The group, which is considered to be the first meetup group in Madison, is open to all breeds of all sizes.

Miller says she started the group after having great conversations with people at the dog park, but not knowing how to ask them to meet again. 

“I started Nox’s Dog Park Meetup as a ‘non creepy way’ to make friends with similar interests as me,” Miller says. “I’m a young professional who doesn’t have children and like most millennials my age, I am obsessed with my dog.”

Cassidy Miller holding her dog Nox

Cassidy Miller and Nox (Photo by Cedar Sioux Photography)

The group hosts events on a monthly basis and often supports the parks department through its events. Through the social media following on Nox’s, Miller keeps people notified about what is going on at the parks.

Miller says they have helped host fundraising events, dog park cleanups, park permit purchasing events, park grand openings and a sticker contest. There’s also an annual local donation drive for dog products around Christmas.

three dogs tugging a frisbee

Photo by Cedar Sioux Photography

Since founding the group, Miller says they have fostered a community of dog lovers.

“Our community of pet owners are so special and unique, recently one of our monthly attendees passed unexpectedly and we were able to raise donations to memorialize her with a tree donation at Token Creek Dog park in a matter of days,” Miller says. “Whenever someone is in need of assistance with their dog this community finds a way to support them in any way they can.”

three dogs playing at a park

Photo by Cedar Sioux Photography

In addition to letting your dogs play and becoming friends with dog owners, Miller says it’s a great way to meet trusted caregivers for pets.

“I’ve had the opportunity to help many people in Madison who don’t have friends or family in town and want a trusted caregiver who will give them the same love and attention they receive at home,” Miller says. “This community is full of people who will do anything for a dog and swapping caretaking is a financially stress relief for many.”

a frenchie and a goldendoodle playing outside

Photo by Cedar Sioux Photography

While Nox’s is the only meetup that is open to all breeds, there are a few other meetups in the Madison area. Madison Frenchies is a group for French bulldogs, while Madison Goldens is a golden retriever meetup group.

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