Local man looks back at watching Super Bowl 50 in 1967

Local man looks back at watching Super Bowl 50 in 1967

More than 100 million people tuned into the Super Bowl Sunday evening. But this year’s event marked a sentimental milestone for one local man.

Sunday was a big day for any Super Bowl fan, but this year Super Bowl 50 meant big things for Ken Simmons because of the memories it brings up.

“It was church on Sunday, have lunch and at one o’clock the Packers,” said Simmons.

You see, Simmons wasn’t witness to just any Packers match-up, but the very first Super Bowl.

“I was 12,” he said. “Our family’s friends were over at our house because my dad was one of the few people that had a 25-inch RCA TV.”

It’s memory so vivid, nearly 50 years later he can still recall the big plays.

“When Max McGee kind of reached back and one-handed that pass and scored, when he wasn’t even supposed to play that day, it was amazing,” he said.

It was a game so different from what we expect to see now.

“The NFL network replayed something here recently and I just chuckled at the lack of quality and creativity,” he said. “It wasn’t a holiday like it almost is today.”

But no matter how the Super Bowl changes down the road, it will always be sweet for Simmons, because it started with a simple childhood moment.

“It was all about football back then. It wasn’t about entertainment, it was about football.”

Simmons didn’t always enjoy football from the sidelines he played for the Badgers as a punter and defensive lineman, back in the 1970s.