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(On gray vase, top to bottom) Earrings, $39, long necklace, $145, and short necklace, $125, by Katcando, from La Bella Vita.

Whimsical can best describe artist Kathy of Katcando’s pieces. The Cottage Grove based-Kathy writes on her Etsy page: “my style has been described as industrial chic meets the Wild West.” Using found items (quite an au courant concept in fashion and jewelry these days) she incorporates things like buttons, ribbon and other vintage items; for example, one necklace features old coins, keys, charms and a ruler. Kathy weaves in a bit of softness in her sterling silver pieces with textural elements: hand-dyed ribbon, leather and silk.
Available at La Bella Vita, 666 University Ave. 831-3303

(On low celadon vase, left to right) Hammered rock crystal necklace w/ hammered aquamarine by natasha nicholson, $800, from HYART Gallery. Green glass drop earrings w/ aquamarine rondel tips by natasha nicholson, $39, from HYART Gallery.

(On taller celadon vase) Lemon quartz and prehnite necklace w/ quartz slice by natasha nicholson, $650, from HYART Gallery.

natasha nicholson
There is no question that nicholson’s pieces are statement makers. Using semi-precious stones the sculptor and jewelry designer employs “unusual pairings of seemingly disparate stones and a stunning sense of color.” Akin to something you’d see in the pages of InStyle or perhaps on the neck of a celebrity, the Madison artist no doubt has a strong aesthetic as well as knowledge of fashion. Her pieces are a study in contrasts: some use smooth, polished, glassy stones while others use rough-hewn rock crystal and evoke a natural, yet glamorous, look.
Available at HYART Gallery, 133 W. Johnson St. 442-0562


(Top to bottom) Amber pendant necklace w/ assorted beads and brass findings, $168, one-of-a-kind enamel pendant necklace w/ assorted semiprecious stones and brass findings, $198, and brass filigree earrings, $54, by Leda Rawlins, from Iconi Interiors.

Leda Rawlins
Madison-based Rawlins has been designing jewelry on and off for about ten years but has been using a new technique since July 2008: “using nickel-free brass as the metal and linking rather than stringing.” A self-taught designer, Rawlins uses one-of-a-kind enamel and clay pendants, semi-precious gemstones, Czech and German glass, Swarovski crystals and a variety of freshwater pearls.

Her vintage-look pieces are luxurious and employ a little bit of sparkle, too. Delicate elements like filigree brass in a pair of earrings or brass leaves curling around an amber pendant play with natural inspirations and inject a bit of the unexpected in her pieces.
Available at Iconi Interiors, 534 W. Washington Ave. 441-0077.

(Top to bottom) Sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklaces, $80 and $150, and earrings, $80, by Trish Stevenson, from HYART Gallery

Trish Stevenson
HYART Gallery showcases the best of metalsmithing in our city and beyond, and artist Trish Stevenson’s pieces are no exception. Stevenson writes in her artist statement that “her designs subtly and almost unconsciously evoke, but do not overstate, botanic and geologic forms. Tapering tendrils and sinuous curves figure prominently in her work but so do nonsymmetrical and linear geometric forms.” Clearly in the pieces shown here, oysters replete with freshwater pearls inside are Stevenson’s inspiration. The Black Earth-based artist uses many techniques and considers herself a “collector of techniques.” Also check out her clever sterling silver earrings that look fortune cookies!
Available at HYART Gallery, 133 W. Johnson St. 442-0562

Stone celadon and gray frosted vases by Adam Aaronson, $396–$704, from HYART Gallery.

Shayna Miller is associate and style editor of Madison Magazine.