Local leaders condemn Asian hate in virtual rally

MADISON, Wis. — Leaders across Wisconsin gathered Friday to condemn hate on the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

“To our AAPI community, our pain is loud, our anger is justified, our humanity is real and if we are liberated and firming our most truest selves, it will serve to strengthen us and our ties to other communities, which is how we move forward,” State Rep. Francesca Hong said.

Gov. Tony Evers said Wisconsinites have a responsibility to support their neighbors and speak up on their behalf.

“Wisconsinites, especially the folks who look like me, we, I, must carry our weight and speak up and speak out in support of our friends and neighbors,” Evers said. “We can show each other through listening, so people can heal and can show understanding through action.”

Hong introduced a joint resolution in the Senate and Assembly condemning hate against the AAPI community. So far no Republican has signed on it.