Local hospitals develop protocol to deal with Ebola

Experts: Ebola cannot be spread through air
Local hospitals develop protocol to deal with Ebola

Hospitals across the country are making sure they are prepared for an Ebola case of their own, including in Madison.

Last month infection control doctors met to develop a citywide protocol in case the virus shows up in Madison.

Doctors stress that Ebola isn’t spread through the air, and you can only contract it if you come in direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids.

“Being in an elevator that someone was previously in, that’s not a risk, or being in the same room as an infectious patient, it’s not contagious in the air. You can’t get it from breathing the same air,” said Katelyn Harms, infection preventionist with Meriter Hospital.

Merity-Unity Point officials said they’ve been screening patients and staff for travel history since August.