Local, healthy food in schools is good for city’s future

Farm-to-school effort will have significant benefits for years

We’ve come a long way in acknowledging the role good nutrition and healthy food play in a child’s ability to learn, and we’ve come even farther in overcoming obstacles to getting healthy, local food into our schools. That’s something to celebrate.

October is National Farm to School Month and we’re pleased to say Madison is participating in the celebration.

Through an invaluable partnership with REAP Food Group, Madison schools have spent the last decade teaching kids about nutrition and agriculture and increasing the amount of locally-grown, fresh food in student lunches prepared by the district. It’s good for student learning. It’s good for families. It’s good for farmers. It’s good for our future.

Credit to MMSD for coming this far, and certainly to REAP for its tireless efforts. Let’s grow the project, expand access to local, healthy food and reach more kids. Have a Wisconsin apple everybody.