Local health official does not support Sen. Ron Johnson’s re-election

MADISON, Wis. — Sen. Ron Johnson officially announced his plan to seek a third term on Sunday. Not everyone supported his decision to run, including some local health officials.

“What has really prolonged this pandemic and what has really continued to threaten my colleagues and our patients and the families that we care for is the continues self-serving agenda of Sen. Ron Johnson,” said Dr. Jeff Huebner, a family doctor in Madison.

Sen. Johnson previously said he would not run for a third term. A crowded field of challengers if vying for the Democratic nomination to face off against him in November.

“Given the disastrous record of the Biden administration and the weakness of the Democrat field, it’s no wonder the left is spreading distortions and falsehoods about Ron Johnson. Sen. Johnson has been an independent leader who has the courage to stand up for what’s right and Wisconsin needs him in the Senate,” said Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin Mark Johnson in statement regarding the announcement.

Over the past year, Sen. Johnson was a leading voice in downplaying the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6. as well as the pandemic.