Local gyms offer assistance to members of closed gym

Kosama Madison closed earlier this month leaving members out money
Local gyms offer assistance to members of closed gym

At least two fitness clubs in the Madison area are offering to help members of the now-closed Kosama gym, on Madison’s west side.

Stephanie East, who runs Farrell’s Extreme Body, said she will honor the Kosama contracts without charge. Kosama Madison closed earlier this month, leaving numerous members without a place to work out and without hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that they’d paid for memberships.

“This is ridiculous,” said East, who reported at least 15 Kosama members have found their way to her facility. “They can come to our gym and work out; if they eventually join our gym or not, it doesn’t matter. They lost their workout community, and we know that support is so key. So until they figure out what they want to do, they can come here.”

On Tuesday, News 3 featured the story of Cynthia Sawatske, who was working out at Kosama, building up to the peak of her training in anticipation of tryouts for the Mad Rollin Dolls roller derby league in a few weeks. She had paid $2,000 for a lifetime membership earlier this year and had not received any word as to whether she could get any money back.

In addition to Farrell’s, the Iron Grip Gym in Middleton, Pinnacle Health and Fitness and Princeton Club West offered to give Sawatske a place to work out for free.

Numerous calls, emails and messages on social media to both Kosama Madison representatives and to the company’s headquarters in Minnesota have gone unanswered.