Local fighter is ready to rumble

Local fighter is ready to rumble

165-pound boxer Marcus Johnson is about to test the waters on one of boxing’s biggest stages. This week, Johnson fights at the Golden Gloves National Championships in Salt Lake City.

Johnson’s on a three-fight winning streak that includes the Wisconsin Golden Gloves Championship, but he knows the competition this week is on another level.

“It’s huge for me. I’ve been in a lot of different rings, a lot of different places, but I’ve never been on a national stage myself, yet. For me, it’s everything I’ve been working toward.”

For Johnson, what happens between his ears is just as important as what happens between the ropes.

“I’d say my biggest strengths are my ability to think. I got a good jab that finds a home when I snap it out there,” Johnson said. “My footwork and my ability to change up what I have to do at any time in the ring is really what aides me the most.”

“You have to be able to stay relaxed when you got tons of stuff happening,” said Johnson. “Everyone can do the physical part. Everyone can show up and do push-ups and run. Everyone can do that. Not everyone can stay relaxed when stuffs coming at them.”

Johnson’s first fight is Monday, and it’s a single-elimination format. But if he wins, Marcus could potentially fight every day through Saturday’s championship rounds.