Local farmers take advantage of warm weather

Local farmers take advantage of warm weather

Farmers around Rock County used the warm weather Friday to their advantage as they worked on projects outside that normally would have to wait until spring.

Abe Arndt, the owner and operator of Arndt Farms Inc., said he’s not the only one on the farm who enjoyed the warm weather. His cattle were soaking up the sun too.

“It’s beautiful. The cows are out all laying in the pasture,” he said. “It really couldn’t be any better for them right now.”

Nick Venable, of Venable Farms Inc., said he always enjoys working outside in February without wearing multiple layers.

“We’re able to work a little longer when you’re not out all bundled up fighting with the cold,” he said.

While the warm weather is ideal for cattle, the farmers said they’re not sure how it might affect crops later this season.

“It’ll be interesting to see how the ground is going to work up in the spring,” Venable said. “I would prefer it to be froze right now, but it’s Mother Nature – the big variable we can’t control in farming.”

Arndt said he thinks they might pay for this nice weather later.

“I think in a couple weeks it might catch up with us, and we might get some real bad weather,” he said.

The farmers are hoping the warm temperatures don’t lead to another drought like the one in 2012 .

“It got to be about 80 degrees in March for a good while and that kind of threw everything off,” Arndt said.

“It was stressful,” Venable said. “It was hard seeing all your hard work out there burning up through July.”

But that’s all part of being a farmer.

“Every year comes with its own challenges. There’s never an easy year on a farm,” Arndt said. “But when it’s good weather, you’ll take it if you can get it.”