Local clerks urge people to check polling location, look at sample ballot ahead of August primary

MADISON, Wis. — The August partisan primary is about a month away, and the City of Madison’s Clerk’s Office says now is the time to figure out where your polling location is and what will be on your ballot.

The partisan primary, which will be held on Tuesday, August 9, will determine who will appear on the ballot in November, including statewide races for Governor and U.S. Senate.

As a reminder, in a partisan primary, you are only allowed to vote for candidates in one political party of your choice. Your voter registration is not associated with a political party.

Ahead of the primary, the city’s clerk’s office wants to make sure your ballot is valid and will be counted. When voting in a partisan primary, you must both mark a party preference at the top of your ballot and select individual ballots. If you vote for individual candidates in parties other than the one you marked at the top of your ballot, those votes will not count.

If you do not mark a party preference at the top of the ballot and you vote for more than one political party, none of the votes on your ballot will be counted.

In order to see what is going to be on your August primary ballot, you can go to the My Vote Wisconsin website and click on the “What’s On My Ballot” section. From there, you can enter your address to see the races that will be contested for your location.

The city clerk is also urging people to double-check their polling location, since it may have changed since the last time they voted. You can find your polling place by filling out a form on the city’s website.

You can find the latest election news leading up to the Aug. 5 primary here.