Local CBD shops expect more interest following cannabis decriminalization in Madison

MADISON, Wis.– It’s now essentially legal to smoke pot or carry up to one ounce around Madison.

The fine for getting caught with more than 28 grams will cost you $1, plus court costs.

Knuckleheads on State Street sells almost everything someone would need to smoke marijuana. General Manager Landon Meske can’t sell pot itself, but he says decriminalizing cannabis in Madison will help his business.

“It’s going to allow people to smoke, whether it be CBD or cannabis without that paranoia and fear,” Meske said.

Meske said a lot of his customers ask about CBD, which has been legal in Wisconsin since 2014. He said Madison alders taking away the fear of prosecution would only convince more people to try both.

“There’s like the real thing, for lack of a better term, is now decriminalized. Well, this thing that has been legal has got to be okay then,” Meske said about people trying CBD products.

Meske said he hopes the council’s vote will open the door to legalizing marijuana across the state.

“There’s so many benefits beyond the medicinal benefits, the tax money it generates and being able to reinvest that back into the infrastructures that make our communities good,” Meske said.

On the other hand, Alder Mike Verveer, a supporter of the ordinances, doesn’t think the legislature will make that happen anytime soon.

“When it’s taken to the voters, it’s approved,” Verveer said. “It’s unfortunate that the legislature current and future membership just hasn’t gotten with the time.”

The ordinances only apply in the city of Madison, and won’t change the rules on UW-Madison’s campus.