Local business offers to make custom prosthetic leg for puppy who was thrown from car

MADISON, Wis. — As Kringle, a 2-month-old pitbull puppy, recovers at his foster home, a local clinic is offering to make him a prosthetic leg for free.

Kringle was reportedly thrown from the window of a moving car. He had such a severe break in his front right leg that it had to be amputated.

“Once you see his eyes, it’s hard to say no to him,” said Chad Bieri of Hanger Clinic. “We have the resources to do it, so why not?”

The patients that visit Hanger Clinic in Monona are usually humans, but Kringle could be their first dog patient.

“We’ve had a few animals come around, a few goats, a mule, and so once we heard the story about the puppy, we were like ‘Let’s do this,'” said Bieri.

He said the clinic will custom-build the prosthetic to fit Kringle, being careful not to hinder him from making progress in his recovery.

“Once we find out what level of amputation it is, then we start our problem solving and go into ‘Ok, what joints are left? How do we replicate what is now missing?'” said Bieri.

Kringle is currently healing while being cared for by foster parents. Once he recovers, he will be available for adoption. Bieri said it will be up to his new owners to decide whether Kringle should be fitted for the prosthetic.

He hopes the gift will bring some good to Kringle’s life after tragedy.

“The way it all happened, the abuse that happened, if you can offer something good out there, be something good today,” said Bieri.