Local business grows online

Your Heart's Content sells home decor on Amazon and Etsy.

MADISON, Wis. – Amazon reported a record breaking year from independent sellers on it’s online marketplace. One of those businesses is based right here in Madison.

Your Heart’s Content is a locally owned business that sells home decor and gifts on Amazon and Etsy. Her featured items including, holiday trees, pumpkins and Easter eggs, are made handmade by her team.

Owner Michelle Rutta made the switch from wholesale retail to online retail 11 years ago. Just last year, she took the company to Amazon, and said it was a monetary and labor investment for her team.

“Overall, our growth has almost doubled and the growth came in from having Amazon,” Rutta said.

Rutta shares that her key to success involves dedication.

“With online selling, it really is your time investment. It really makes a difference as far as turning that into sales,” Rutta said.

Rutta works anywhere between 40 and 60 hours per week, sometimes more during her busy season. She said those hours are flexible.

“I can grab some minutes here and there,” Rutta said. “I come into work, but then having an online business, you can answer messages late at night or we can answer messages early in the morning.”

Just as with any business, Rutta faces challenges with an online shop.

“Unlike a retail shop, I can’t put it on the shelf and somebody will say, ‘Hey look at that, I want to buy that.’ You have to put your items out and hopefully it will come forward through searches, but coming forward through searches is difficult in and of itself,” Rutta said.

Your Heart’s Content is often featured by influencers on social media.

“You know it’s a wild ride because what happens so often is influencers do it but we don’t know it’s happening and so all of the sudden we will get a whole bunch of sales on an item you know, and it’s like okay somebody’s featuring us,” Rutta said.

Rutta said social media is important in helping consumers find her products within everything the internet has to offer.

“Our demand is high and our production is finite because we can only make so much that that creates the excitement,” Rutta said about influencers finding her products.

The success Rutta has seen after switching to online platforms is something that she said she couldn’t have imagined.

“It’s hard to really understand the scope of the opportunity that online provides until it actually works it’s way up to that level. So, it started slowly for many years and it worked up to this,” Rutta said.

Your Heart’s Content can be found on Instagram and Facebook.