Local Bernie Sanders supporters host kickoff event

MADISON, Wis. — ‘Wisconsin for Bernie’ hosted a coalition event Sunday inviting people to join their movement.

Those who choose to volunteer will learn how to canvass, host debate watch parties and operate phone banks.

“We’re planning on knocking every door in the state of Wisconsin so we really need a coalition to do that,” said Laura Valderrama, one of the founding members of the organization.

‘Wisconsin for Bernie’ has its roots in Madison, but organizers said they are working with Sanders supporters throughout the state.

They also said that the state of Wisconsin is especially important in this presidential election with the Democratic National Convention being in Milwaukee this year.

Speakers at the event were critical of the Democratic party’s history with the senator, so they hope to see Sanders not only win in Wisconsin, but do so with a large margin.

They also hope that Sanders’ success in the primary so far only serves to energize more supporters.

“The movement behind Bernie Sanders is so much more than just Bernie Sanders the man. It’s about the working class standing together in solidarity and fighting  for the things we believe in. He best reflects that for us,” Valderrama said.  

With the senator’s Saturday win in the Nevada primaries, Valderrama said it’s nice to know that their hard work is paying off.

“Volunteers are taking time out of their weekends and evenings and time with their family’s but this–it’s because this is so important and we know that it’s going to help create a cleaner and safer world for all, that’s why we do it.”