Local art gallery opens new exhibit to celebrate Black lives and artists



MADISON, Wis. — The Integrated Art Group partnered with Café Coda to open a new art exhibit today to celebrate Black lives and artists.

The title of the event, “From Here on Out,” is an interpretations of current social movements. All donations and proceeds support organizations working for racial equity and social justice reform.

The exhibit serves a purpose beyond fundraising – organizers explained recent social unrest and resulting murals inspired today’s artworks.

Although the pandemic allowed participating artist Tony Catteruccia to express himself outside of his usual creative mediums, this was not the case for many other artists.

“I reached out to a lot of the artists and a lot of the feedback was very positive but the overall initial initiative, it was hesitant,” said Catteruccia, further explaining that this was likely because of the subject of the event.

Still, many of the works today came from a diverse group of artists.

“I looked at the role we played and how many artists of color and Black artist we represented and there weren’t so many so I really wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to these artists and celebrate,” said Marzen Gallery owner Margaret LeMay.

As musicians preformed at the receptions, Catteruccia painted a live demonstration alongside his work. The message he wants to resonate with other artists: “We are all human.”

The gallery continues to encourage any willing artists to contribute. The exhibit is set to run through the beginning of March.