Local and state leaders launch new ‘Renew the Blue’ plan the improve lakes


MADISON, Wis. — City, county, and state leaders joined the Clean Lakes Alliance Wednesday to release a new “road map for lake improvement” in Wisconsin.

The road map is being called “Renew the Blue,” and it is all about maintaining the state of waterways across Wisconsin.

Officials spoke about how the health of the water system in the state depends on everybody doing their part to minimize the several different types of water pollution. They also highlighted the importance of farmers as stewards of the environment.

“Farmers are doing more by reducing their environmental footprint in terms of the types of chemicals they’re putting on the land,” Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston D. Cole said. “They’re doing interplanting, and that interplanting is able to hold the soil down.”

Cole encouraged the entire state to continue its progress toward a safer state for everyone.