Local activists raising money to send kids to DC for second year

MADISON, Wis. — The founder of Feeding the Youth, Jazzman Brown is raising money to send a group of young people to D.C. for the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for the second year in a row.

Brown said the trip is about teaching young people the importance of community and understanding the nation’s history.

“We need to expose our kids to what happened and show them what we’ve done and what we’ve fought for, the changes that have happened and the changes that need to come,” said Brown.

During last year’s trip to America’s capital city, kids along with their families served food to marchers, protesters, community leaders and activists in front of the White House.

“I think it’s something that everyone should experience, especially our youth, they’re the leaders of tomorrow,” said Brown.

Participants were also able to visit the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and march alongside Reverend Al Sharpton.

Brown said while the kids participating might be young they are passionate about racial justice.

8-year-old Briella Jean Stone was among those on last year’s trip and said it’s important for kids to get involved.

“So they know that people should like Black lives and that it’s important so they learn how to like their skin and just get to protest,” Stone said.

Brown started Feeding the Youth last year during the social unrest in Madison following the death of George Floyd.

Her goal at the time was making sure young protestors had food, access to medical supplies and safe rides home every night.

Families interested in donating or applying to join the trip can visit Feeding the Youth’s website to connect with organizers.

Applications for this year’s trip are due August 1st.