Lincoln Hills youth inmates target prison staff to make statement

Lincoln Hills youth inmates target prison staff to make statement

After an incident that involved Lincoln Hills youth inmates throwing rocks, glass and metal objects at prison staff from the roof, an inmate told an officer that they are targeting staff to make a statement, according to officials.

The inmate said that people in the public don’t care about the youth that are housed at the institution, but they care about the staff so they are going to continue assault staff until there is no one left to work there, according to an incident report from the Division of Juvenile Corrections.

The incident took place on Aug. 3. Four inmates ran to the roof of the prison and started throwing hard objects at prison guards who initially tried to get the youths down voluntarily, officials said.

The inmates thew objects they found on the roof; this include rocks, shingles, a key, glass broken off from flood lights and more. They swung around metal pipes, like baseball bats while they shouted threats, cursed and some did back flips, according to the report.

Throughout the incident, the inmates exclaimed that this was part two of three, and that part three would be much worse, officials said.

“This is only part two,” one officer remembers an inmate saying. “There’s going to be part three and it’s going to be bloody and staff are going to be involved and they will get hurt, seriously hurt.”

One member of the staff was injured during the incident, according to AP, and remains on medical leave.